How Metal Planters Can Prove A Selling Point for Builders

Posted on 24/06/13 10:30 In Contemporary Planters, Planter Uses, Planters, Premium Quality Planters, Steel Planters

A new government scheme is encouraging large scale house builders such as Barratt, David Wilson and Persimmon to plant more green space in an effort to enhance living environments for new householders. This includes the strategic placing of metal planters, specifically those made using galvanised steel, trees and other forms of living ‘greenery.’
Metal planters are ideal for adding an attractive finish to a building project, read on for more details.

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Steel Planters Bring Life to Car Showrooms

Posted on 04/06/13 11:15 In Planter Uses, Planters for Business

Steel galvanised planters are a common design element in many car showrooms – and it’s not difficult to see why.

Car show rooms tend to be large, roomy spaces and large, tall planters can act as attractive room dividers, segregating particular areas ie the reception, foyer etc. They can also add an element of style, particularly glossy black or gleaming silver planters filled with cultivated greenery.

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Interior Designer Tips When Using Steel Planters

Posted on 20/05/13 12:45 In Planter Uses, Steel Planters

Large containers for plants always seem to have been around in gardening terms, whether we’re talking galvanised steel planters, fibreglass pots or coloured planters. The fact is though these living containers are becoming even more pronounced for landscaping as time goes on – thanks to the fact that our gardens are becoming smaller. Many apartments for instance only have a balcony so that the green-fingered resident’s garden is restricted to what he or she can design via a range of planters in a limited space.
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Planters add Life to Corporate Environments

Posted on 18/05/13 09:15 In Contemporary Planters, Planter Uses

The buildings of large corporate organisations tend to be constructed from huge sheets of metal, glass and brick and as a result can seem rather imposing and even daunting to anyone entering the environment who doesn’t work there. But one way to make it a friendlier place and to brighten up a huge lobby or waiting area for visitors is to install dazzling galvanized steel planters with plenty of bright, natural greenery.
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Growing vegetables in garden planters

Posted on 15/05/13 02:35 In Garden Planter News, Planter Uses

Do you think growing vegetables needs a huge plot of land or an allotment? Think again, because you don’t actually need very much space to grow fantastic vegetables. Using garden planters for your vegetables can be a big advantage, because you can move them inside if a late frost is forecast, move them into the sunshine if you’ve got your placing wrong, and hide them away when they’ve finished and/or you are bored of looking at them!
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Interior Design Big Ideas – why don’t designers use plants and garden planters more?

Posted on 10/05/13 07:46 In Planter Uses, Planters, Steel Planters

We were looking at’s 100 Big Ideas issue recently, to see how designers and architects are using garden planters, and particularly metal planters.  But to our surprise, none of the top 50 Big Ideas really seem to include plants or planters at all!  And that set us wondering why interior designers and architects don’t seem to want to make more use of garden planters in their work.  After all, we’ve discussed before that having plants around not only looks good, but can also make us feel good.
And although we really don’t know the answer to the question, we decided to look at some of the ideas, and consider how we would have used our metal planters to enhance them even further.
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Liven up your Living Space and Beyond With Designed Planters

Posted on 26/04/13 08:50 In Contemporary Planters, Planter Uses, Premium Quality Planters

For many of us the garden is an extension of the sitting room (especially if you have large French Windows). Opening up those windows makes our garden and living room blend together, giving us the impression of more space and the garden being part of our home. It’s understandable then that we want to have lovely ‘designer’ elements in there along with the roses, clematis and ferns.
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Using Planters as Interior Design

Posted on 19/04/13 10:45 In Contemporary Planters, Planter Uses, Planters, Premium Quality Planters

We’re pretty sure here at Precious Design that we don’t really have to point out the benefits of having living plants in your home. That’s because for years now researchers have been enthusing about how flowers, bushes and miniature trees indoors purify the air we breathe. Just one plant in a room can actually be powerful enough to single-handedly remove the toxins emitted from the likes of paint, furniture and even make-up.

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Preparing Your Planters For Growth

Posted on 15/04/13 09:32 In Garden Planter News, Planter Uses, Planters

Much as we wish they would, beautiful planter displays don’t happen overnight. There’s usually a lot of planning gone into them beforehand such as which flowers or plants would look best in particular locations, how much sunlight they’ll pick up and what type of soil they’ll fare best with etc.
Here we’ll take you through some preliminaries to make sure you get the best from your garden planters purchase at Precious Design.
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