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A perfect kids sanctuary with garden planters

Spending time on your garden doesn’t have to be time spent away from your children, and in fact getting your kids involved in gardening can be just as much fun for you as it is for them.

How about creating a children’s garden within your own garden, away from the sandpit and the swing and the slide, give your kids a project to focus on and teach them about growing and maintaining plants, and show them how they’ll look good.

Our contemporary coloured garden planters are perfect for a children’s garden, in eye popping colours such as pinks, oranges and blues, your children will love to use them to grow their own little shrub, plant or herb.

We’re sure that your garden is your pride and joy, so make a small corner a sanctuary for your kids to be proud of, too. We’re not gardening experts, but we are experts in what we do, and that is produce elegant and good quality garden planters made of steel and finished to whatever specification you want. Your kids can use the pots to plant whatever they want, and you can leave them to it while you attend to your beds and bushes!
Prepare for your gardening activity with the kids by placing the planters in the position you want them to stay in, you don’t want them to add lots of weight to it and then have to move it afterwards! Maybe get a few in different colours and arrange them in a corner ready for your kids to play.
Make sure you’ve got the right compost for the plants that your children want to put into their garden area, and decide whether you want to fill the garden planters with compost before they start, or leave them to it! We all know that kids love to get messy…but how messy is too messy?!

We can provide standard sizes of pots and troughs or we can make custom sized planters if you want to fill a specific area. We coat our coloured planters with a powder coating process to ensure that the colour is long lasting, so you won’t be disappointed as your pots fade and your plants thrive.
Our troughs are the perfect size for teaching the little ones how to grow and cultivate plants and flowers, long and wide and not too tall, this would be the ideal way to begin your children’s garden. Perhaps for the bigger ones you’d like to get some taller pots so that they can grow some more advanced plant life.

Whatever you choose to get your kids started on, our pots and planters are perfect for herbs, shrubs, trees and plants of any variety, and are made of safe materials perfect for your children. Inject a bit of fun into your gardening, and share it with your kids!


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