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Premium pots & planters designed and manufactured in Great Britain

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Custom Metal Steel Planters & Letters

Premium pots & planters designed and manufactured in Great Britain

At Precious Design, we offer a custom design service like no other. We can provide a bespoke planter or range of metal planters suited to your exact needs. Our custom designed planters look simply stunning in hotels, showrooms and as such are ideal for corporate clients to add an unmistakable personal touch.

Our technical team will design your product, or if you prefer to choose from our existing catalogue, the team will initiate the instruction to manufacture. Your chosen material, whether it be steel or another metal, is drawn from our wide range of stock sheet metal and is precision cut on our flat-bed laser using oxygen or nitrogen gases.

Your planter can comprise up to ten separate pieces of steel, all individually cut. Each individual item is folded to tolerances within 0.10mm. The assembly process follows in a structured and methodical pattern to ensure that each section fits perfectly. To offer further strength, each corner is fitted with a steel insert, and where possible we’ll discretely apply a small tack weld.

You may opt to have your planters powder coated to match your desired colour scheme. Powder coating is an advanced process of electro-statically applying powder consisting of finely ground resin and pigment to any surface that can withstand a temperature of 400°F (204°C). These surfaces include virtually all metals. The coated item is then placed in a curing oven where the powder ‘melts’ to the surface resulting in a high quality, long lasting finish. We only use paints suitable for exterior use achieving an extremely hard wearing coat, resistant to scratching, chipping, harsh chemicals, fading, rusting. It won’t last forever, but will last many times longer than a standard paint finish because of its thicker layer. The range of colours available is extensive although note should be taken that colour matching from batch to batch is similar to that of traditional paints – close, but not exact unless purchased within the same batch.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, our steel metal planters are passed to our cleaning and finishing department where they are prepared and packaged for safe transportation.
And did you know we can also produce custom metal letters too? These are a fantastic design addition for either outside or inside and can offer a lovely personal touch. We laser cut these letters and you can choose from various different finishes including brushed stainless steel, bronze and silver.

If you wish to get in touch regarding a custom design for metal planters or letters, please get in touch with us on info@precious-design.co.uk or call us on 01159 614200.