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Using garden planters to create a stylish display

Have you spent hours maintaining beautiful and eye catching plants and flowers, yet have nowhere to show them off? Or perhaps you have painfully crafted and teased your perennials into show stopping topiaries, to find that your garden planter just doesn’t do it justice. Precious Design have got the answer to all of your horticultural problems.

With planters in all shapes and sizes, finishes and design styles, Precious Design offer a range of pots and planters to suit your needs. Individual and commercial buyers will find high quality and well finished planters for both indoor and outdoor use that will really show off your displays. Whatever you choose, your stunning topiary or display will look fantastic sitting on your patio, deck or balcony in one of our equally beautiful planters.
We know that you work hard on the maintenance of your plants and want your displays to do them justice, which is why our range of planters are of high quality and suit any garden design, from traditional to corporate to rooftop city gardens and small undiscovered nooks. Your displays look good, and our garden planters only serve to intensify this. We have troughs, to display those smaller plants, or the tailor range of planters would be perfect for your taller displays.

The shop offers standard sizes of all of our range and custom sizes are also available for order if your topiary or display requires something personalised. For corporate customers we can personalise your garden planters by laser cutting logos into the planter, or if you’ve crafted your topiary for a gift you could add a personalised message.

Precious Design pots and planters are made in a variety of different materials and the benefits that the range will offer to your garden and to your plants are exceptional. You are faced with a choice of colours which can make your displays stand out or accentuate a specific flower; perhaps you want to bring out a certain colour that is sparse in your display by matching it with your garden planter. With our custom colour selection you can choose almost any colour you wish!

We make all of our products out of high quality materials from zinc galvanised steel to brushed stainless steel and finishes from a ribbed texture to a mirror polished stainless steel. Open up your garden by reflecting the rest of your planters in your product from Precious Design, or add a more distinguished look with a ribbed finish that will also protect your planter from corrosion.

No matter where they’re positioned, these garden planters offer design style and will accentuate the hard work you have put into your displays or topiary, really showing off your skills, and your garden.


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