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Choosing your Garden Planter

We offer a number of different types of garden planters in our range and this article will further explain the pros and cons of the different materials used, hopefully helping you decide which steel planters best suit your needs. Firstly though, we’d like to illustrate the alternatives out there in the marketplace so that you have the full spectrum of choice. 

There is a plethora of fibreglass (plastic) planters that offer a cheap, lightweight and durable solution. New production techniques allow for very detailed patterns and these planters are also available in a number of different colours. However, many brands are mass produced on assembly lines in high volume and therefore aren’t really unique. These plastic pots are often produced overseas (buy cheap/stack high) and are usually very environmentally unfriendly and hazardous. Customisation is also very expensive and in most cases not offered, as the production of a new mould can be very expensive. If you’re looking for something different, then these types of planters are probably not for you.

Clay pots, referred to as earthenware or terracotta, can be glazed or natural and can look very beautiful in old world scenarios. Both of these types of garden pots are capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures though they don’t fare well in extreme weather conditions. The glazed type offers a wider variety of finishes and both these types of plant container are very affordable. The downside though is that they are moderately heavy to very heavy, are easily broken and prone to chipping. Finishing options for the unglazed type are non-existent and customisation is seldom offered (at a high price, we should add).

Metal planters are extremely durable and long-lasting and are available in a wider range of materials and finishes. All our planters are made from thin gauge materials, resulting in a product that is lightweight but still highly durable. We offer all our customers the option for drainage holes and recommend that an internal liner is used to extend the life of your planter even further. These garden planters will not chip, crack or break and availability of a wide range of material types means your choice is increased significantly when compared with other options. 

At the cheaper end of the material spectrum, zinc galvanised steel is a firm contemporary favourite in the decoration of garden landscapes; resistant to rusting but its initial bright and shiny appearance will dull down over time thus eventually giving planters made from this material an aged but industrial look. This change happens over time and is a direct result of the effects of weathering, however the brightness of such galvanised planters can be revived by applying baby oil to the outer surface with a soft cloth. Please remember though that zinc can be affected by certain chemicals, even those that occur commonly in human skin, so please take care to avoid direct contact with your valuable planters.

Our Contemporary Colour range includes a variety of shapes of garden planters made from the aforementioned zinc galvanised steel and thereafter powder coated with a tough, long lasting polyester-based colourfast covering. Powder coating is an advanced process where a powder of finely ground resin and pigment is applied electrostatically to a metallic surface and then baked in a curing oven. During this process the powder ‘melts’ to the surface resulting in a high quality long lasting finish which is extremely resistant to scratching, chipping, harsh chemicals, fading, rusting and wearing more than other finishes. We offer our beautiful pots in our standard powder coated range and in our premium range. Our wide range of available RAL colours means you can match your planters to your own garden/corporate colour scheme or even opt for zingy citrus colours, presenting a very clean and contemporary result. It looks fantastic through all shapes and our lightweight design means you can even place our product on your balcony (space permitting of course!).

If you’re looking to feel some texture in the finish of your planter then here it is! We’re merging the benefits of a combination of aluminium, zinc and steel (three times stronger than aluminium) with an attractive stucco or ribbed finish resulting in two fabulous materials in their natural forms which can be transformed for a different environment through the powder coating process. The zinc content in this material by virtue of its cathodic action, safeguards the steel at cut edges and on any scratches thereby offering an excellent protection against corrosion. Customise your planters to suit your purpose by giving them colour – vibrant & zingy or classic & classy – we welcome you to make the choice that suits you best.

Whether you select a natural or coloured finish, be assured that this material offers an extremely long life to your planter.

If you’re aiming for a more distinguished look then why not view our stainless steel planters? The same high quality processes take place during the manufacture, however, additionally these products ooze style, elegance and sophistication. Our fine satin finish offers an attractive lustre and smooth texture using only the highest quality stainless steel which is differentiated from the rest by its unique wet-cut process. This method offers an unrivalled consistency of finish, less prone to staining and enables the material to be cleaned with ease, reducing cleaning times by 75%. This material, combined with our shapes, radiates class and is especially attractive in our tall and tapered planters.

The king in our range of products is our mirror polished stainless steel. Marvel in its highly reflective surface which will glisten and glimmer in your place. The chromium oxide surface layer offers a low maintenance resistance to corrosion and should this layer get damaged, thanks to the oxygen in the air, passivation of the material will occur spontaneously in those areas through the formation of a new layer of chromium oxide, thus maintaining its resistance to corrosion. This is known as the ‘self healing effect’ and the smooth, well finished polished appearance will require less physical effort in the cleaning process.

To further extend our range we can manufacture our garden planters from even lighter-weight aluminium. The aluminium range does carry a price premium purely because of the higher cost of the base material, but can be fabricated and powder coated in exactly the same way as our steel planters.

In the garden, the hotel lobby or in a commercial environment, these stylish planters offer design style and sophistication; coupled with our high quality fabrication process, they will not fail to impress. 


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