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Window Boxes – Alternative Garden Pots

What if you don’t have any outside space but you’d love to see plants through your windows? The answer lies in window boxes: containers that sit either
on or just below your windowsill. Read more here ……
Our standard troughs measure 200mm high x 250mm wide and are available in tapered or straight design – both shapes are available in a number of lengths. Plant them with seasonal annual flowers and you can be sure of a beautiful display of colour at any time of the year. These troughs are perfect for small patios too… especially during the late Autumn and Winter months when much of the Summer colour has left the garden.
If you’re fitting out a hotel, especially city hotels, using garden troughs or window boxes secured to the walls or on balconies, will give your guests some greenery to admire as they relax in their rooms or on the balcony.
You can secure metal planters particularly well to the wall using a bracket – which we can make to suit (if you live in a flat, do check your lease first to be sure that you have permission to drill the wall). Alternatively, if you have a wide windowsill, you could fasten wires across the outside of the window embrasure, to hold the container in place.
Our custom design planter service, enables you to order bespoke planters that fit your window sill precisely in the style you desire. These steel trough planters are available in a wide range of materials and colours designed to enhance your home and garden.

Many plants are suitable for window boxes, although you may prefer to choose plants that have a long flowering season. It’s also best to choose plants that have similar water and sun level requirements. Position trailing plants at the outside and upright plants closest to the window for maximum effect. Fuscias are fabulous in window boxes or why not plant some lavender? – not only will you encourage the bee population but you’ll enjoy a pleasant and relaxing aroma too.

Choosing metal planters will ensure less evaporation than terracotta pots, but remember that your plants will need watering most days during the summer months. Keep them at their best and encourage further growth by regularly dead-heading the flowers. Remember, you could grow herbs in these troughs too – if this is your intention, please let us know and we’ll supply separation panels too so that you don’t have a trough full of mint! Or for indoors why not try something completely different and plant succulents? Plenty of options to choose from so why not contact us now for further details?


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