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Planters add Life to Corporate Environments

The buildings of large corporate organisations tend to be constructed from huge sheets of metal, glass and brick and as a result can seem rather imposing and even daunting to anyone entering the environment who doesn’t work there. But one way to make it a friendlier place and to brighten up a huge lobby or waiting area for visitors is to install dazzling galvanized steel planters with plenty of bright, natural greenery.

This won’t only help to enliven the area for your visitors though, your staff are bound to appreciate it too. In fact it’s been proven time and time again that installing plants and flowers in a work environment can enhance staff morale. Not only are steel or coloured planters with greenery nice to look at, and remind everyone of the nature and the outdoors, but they’re also beneficial for health. This is because they can clear the air of toxins, help with humidity and provide a nicer atmosphere all round.

And we’re not the only ones who think so. Since the appointment of the Coalition government in 2010 the Ministry of Defence has spent more than £14,000 on pot plants and the Department of Health nearly £12,400 in just 10 months – according to an article in The Guardian newspaper.

The British Council for Offices – an organization for promoting workplace design and improving productivity – agrees that plants are an asset in a corporate environment. Its director of research Jenny MacDonnell said: “Having plants in offices is a good thing. It makes people more productive, happier, reduces stress, and helps reduce dust particles in the air.”

Many designers in fact believe galvanised steel planters with greenery are no longer an afterthought to office design rather they are very much an integral part of it. Architect Kate Mason, for instance, pointed to the number of indoor gardens in London’s The Shard and believes the trend is for the most part down to a “blurring of boundaries between home and work.”

Other benefits of using steel planters in a corporate environment include:

+ Higher productivity

Research has shown that employees in an environment with planters and greenery get higher levels of work done and achieve more. This is because it’s believed plants have a calming effect which in turn aids focus and concentration.

+ Reduced Absenteeism

The health benefits of plants (eliminating toxins from the air) can alleviate the symptoms of so-called sick building syndrome. They also make the traditionally stuffy work environment a more pleasant place to work in by improving humidity levels.

+ Extending corporate image

This is another benefit of using planters in large corporate offices – for branding purposes. For instance cubed planters can be developed in corporate colours and with logos, or particular wording to reinforce a campaign or theme.

To look at the design and style of impressive galvanised steel planters available today take a look at Precious Designs. Planters are available in corporate colours and tailored wording or logos can be added.


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