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Interior Designer Tips When Using Steel Planters

Large containers for plants always seem to have been around in gardening terms, whether we’re talking galvanised steel planters, fibreglass pots or coloured planters. The fact is though these living containers are becoming even more pronounced for landscaping as time goes on – thanks to the fact that our gardens are becoming smaller. Many apartments for instance only have a balcony so that the green-fingered resident’s garden is restricted to what he or she can design via a range of planters in a limited space.

In this way then, often the steel planter itself is more important to the design than the actual greenery that’s about to go in them. It’s all about perspective in a limited space and using tricks such as repetition and texture.


Today the trend is for simplified rather than elaborate designs. In other words, one single plant in a container rather than filling it to the brim with different species.

This simplistic theme lends itself well to the other favourite theme of contemporary landscape and interior design, which is repetition. The simpler the items the better this looks eg each planter and item of greenery should mirror its neighbour perfectly. A design like this can also make an area seem longer than it actualy is.

Another way of bringing in repetition and adding drama is to group together similarly coloured and textured small to medium-sized containers. This creates a far larger impact than if the containers were displayed individually, especially if they contain foliage which is matching in colour. It can also provide a sense of harmony and perspective in a small space, dividing areas in a simple way.

Admittedly a single planter can make an excellent focal point but there is no doubt that it can get lost in the overall scheme of a design.


In most cases the steel and coloured planters will blend in to the existing environment rather than make a statement in their own right.

Often the colour of the planters will be chosen to match a particular element of the landscape such as the patio paving or a fence. The choice of plant too is crucial. For instance, large flamboyant grasses would overwhelm a stark, minimalist theme – which is fine if you wanted to make the planter and grass the focus of your design but a failure if you were looking for it to just blend in.

Thinking about the type of plants and planter you want in your design – whether for a garden or balcony – right from the start, will ensure your containers and greenery look integral to the overall design, rather than a hasty afterthought.

You can learn more about how planters can boost interior design and take a look at the various types of galvanised steel planters on offer at Precious Design. 




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