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Growing Herbs in Garden Planters

Garden Planters are perfect for growing herbs, whether you want to grow a large amount of an individual herb, or start a small variety garden in a small space. Our range of garden planters are perfect for this!

Is it an urban myth that when selling a house, you should bake bread or make coffee when you have people coming to view? Whether that’s true or not, it’s certainly not a myth that supermarkets use the scent of their instore bakery to encourage us to purchase baked goods, or that scent is the sense most closely linked to memory. And the scent of herbs can be one of the most evocative, linked as it often is to summer, sunshine, and cooking indoors and out.

Herb planters
It’s also easy to grow herbs, because they are very good plants for growing in plant containers, window boxes and garden planters, both indoors and out.

Herbs like mint, rosemary and lemon balm can be thugs in the garden. They are very vigorous plants, often invasive, and so can take over a herb patch, pushing out less vigorous competition and spreading around your garden. But in plant containers, you can control their size much more easily: they behave beautifully, and with suitable care, will live happily for years. Of course you need to water them more than in a garden bed, but these herbs are pretty tough customers, and will survive a bit of neglect better than most. And in one of our coloured metal planters, they will look great too, with the soft green of the foliage perfectly complementing the vibrant painted finish. And in winter, when the herbs are underground, you will still have the pot to admire!

Mediterranean herbs, like basil and parsley, which really don’t like cold, are perfect for garden planters. They can be started from seed indoors in small plant pots, and then moved to a larger planter either indoors or out once they are big enough. Growing several herbs together, perhaps in one of our mirror stainless steel garden planters, will make a mouth-watering display of culinary herbs that will last all summer.


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