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Using Planters as Interior Design

We’re pretty sure here at Precious Design that we don’t really have to point out the benefits of having living plants in your home. That’s because for years now researchers have been enthusing about how flowers, bushes and miniature trees indoors purify the air we breathe. Just one plant in a room can actually be powerful enough to single-handedly remove the toxins emitted from the likes of paint, furniture and even make-up.

But that’s not the only benefit of greenery indoors. Plants can also add a sense of much-needed tranquillity in these hectic times we all seem to find ourselves living in.
They can also act as a focal point for our design. A selection of coloured planters – or even the same planter multiplied – can look great grouped together in a fireplace for instance, or on a side table, in the centre of the room etc.
Silver steel planters, cubed planters and coloured planters – they’re all available these days in just about any shape, size and shade you fancy. Sitting grouped or individual planters around your home certainly fits in with the eco and ‘back to nature’ zeitgeist of today’s 21st century living.
When planning your indoor garden, think first about the planters rather than the foliage as this is far more important décor-wise – it’s important the planters colour scheme and shape tone in and match the rest of the room.
Planters and Feng Shui
The Chinese, of course, go even further in their praise of indoor planters and living shoots/blooms, believing plants are necessary in order assist positive energy to flow throughout the home. They do draw the line at cactus plants however, believing their corners and tips could prove destructive.
A crucial distinction between outdoor and indoor planters is drainage. If the drainage isn’t great outdoors it’s not such a big deal. Indoors a leaking planter can prove disastrous for flooring and nearby furniture. Always check this.
When choosing which type of foliage or blooms to put in your planters, keep your décor in mind. If you live in a modern apartment with minimalist lines for instance, then you’re not going to be looking for bunches of pretty blooms but rather black or silver steel planters – even brightly coloured planters – housing a single bamboo tree or sculptural plant. Rooms aiming for the shabby chic or 1920’s look on the other hand would look wonderful with a fern or two and bunches of pretty pink blooms.
Your planter and blooms may look great the day you proudly present them indoors. But that may not be the case six months down the line. Indoor plants need looking after and that means remembering to water and wipe leaves. That’s because a plant which isn’t watered or fed correctly will be more prone to insect attacks than its well-maintained neighbour. And really, none of us want that!
For more information on decorating with galvanized steel planters indoors please contact us here.


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