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Liven up your Living Space and Beyond With Designed Planters

For many of us the garden is an extension of the sitting room (especially if you have large French Windows). Opening up those windows makes our garden and living room blend together, giving us the impression of more space and the garden being part of our home. It’s understandable then that we want to have lovely ‘designer’ elements in there along with the roses, clematis and ferns.

A bird bath, a tiny fountain, perhaps even a pond can certainly add some decorative life to our outdoors space. But what can really enliven this area up for us is the addition of colourful planters (garden pots and containers).
Planters not only add colour, texture and enhance the design of our gardens. They can break up the monotony of a terrace for instance, help outline a garden path, create privacy, hide an ugly view or even act as a partition to define particular areas (resulting in them having more than just a decorative purpose). And let’s face it; they’re a lot prettier than a simple wooden fence.
• Design
Coloured planters can end up being included in your overall garden design. For instance orange planters look stunning against some white nasturtiums or a pretty patch of blue iris while silver planters look stunningly elegant with red roses or even a simple green fern.
Cube planters, regardless of whether they are coloured or remain an original silver steel planter, can add an interesting modern touch to your foliage. Tapered planters in black gloss can lend a certain air of sophistication while bashed silver points to a shabby chic look.
• Size
If your garden is small it’s a good idea to get one large planter rather than a series of smaller ones as the latter can end up making the space look a bit unruly. In other words, aim for drama than clutter. And keep the design consistent too; matching planters look better than an assortment of shapes and sizes – unless your garden is large and the eye only takes in one or two at a time.
• Location
When considering investing in planters to jazz up your living space don’t just think about the garden. There’s the front door too. A stunning planter in the vestibule or on either side of the front door can end up becoming a talking point for any visitor, and may even break the ice if it’s a stranger at the door. And of course a bright, gaily coloured planter can also prove a bright spot when returning home at the end of a long and tiring day. Town houses in particular can benefit from large planters at the front door – or small versions on each step – in the absence of a garden.
• Low maintenance
This is probably the best bit about using planters. They look great yet in reality they take very little effort, if any, to maintain. Most plants and even flowers require little watering (especially in the winter months) yet – unlike the rest of us – retain their beauty and vitality most of the year round.
To find out more about how planters can brighten and enhance your living environment take a look at our selection here.


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