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Premium pots & planters designed and manufactured in Great Britain

Growing vegetables in garden planters

Do you think growing vegetables needs a huge plot of land or an allotment? Think again, because you don’t actually need very much space to grow fantastic vegetables. Using garden planters for your vegetables can be a big advantage, because you can move them inside if a late frost is forecast, move them into the sunshine if you’ve got your placing wrong, and hide them away when they’ve finished and/or you are bored of looking at them!

So what vegetables can you grow in plant containers? Well, you can grow almost anything in garden planters if you choose the right size pots. But it’s probably best to focus on the things that you really like eating, and that taste much better when you grow them. Plants that produce lots of vegetables per plant are best when your space is limited to a few garden planters.
For example, climbing beans, courgettes, squashes and pumpkins are good container plants, as you only really want one or two plants to get a decent crop. Make sure you have large plant containers though, as these plants can grow pretty big. Precious Design’s rubix painted galvanised steel planters would be perfect, available in three sizes and a range of colours so that you can buy several to match – and if you get one in orange, your pumpkins will match the pot!
Exotics like peppers and aubergines are also really good container plants, as they like to be indoors until it’s really hot and sunny, and then be outside when the weather warms up. All Precious Design’s metal planters are perfect for use indoors or out, making them the ideal option for this. Galvanised steel planters are particularly good as they are relatively light metal planters so can be moved easily.
So what are you waiting for? Get out there and

get growing your own!


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