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Interior Design Big Ideas – why don’t designers use plants and garden planters more?

We were looking at www.interiordesign.net’s 100 Big Ideas issue recently, to see how designers and architects are using garden planters, and particularly metal planters.  But to our surprise, none of the top 50 Big Ideas really seem to include plants or planters at all!  And that set us wondering why interior designers and architects don’t seem to want to make more use of garden planters in their work.  After all, we’ve discussed before that having plants around not only looks good, but can also make us feel good.

And although we really don’t know the answer to the question, we decided to look at some of the ideas, and consider how we would have used our metal planters to enhance them even further.

First of all, consider this ‘pumpkin’-based bank and concept store designed for ING Bank.  It’s an amazing and eye-catching shape and design, and bright orange!  But how much more amazing and eye-catching would it be with two or three of our orange-coloured metal planters  grouped at the entrance?  Or, if you prefer contrast, how about three purple-coloured empire square metal planters, or silver mirrored stainless steel planters?

Then there’s a picture of some concept ‘micro-apartments’, decorated in a ‘minimalist chic’ way, that to us is simply crying out for a couple of coloured metal planters with a cordyline or bamboo!  The shelves are even cube-shaped, which would chime beautifully with our painted rubix planters.

And one final ‘missed opportunity’ is this lovely swimming pool, set into a beautiful landscaped area.  It looks fabulous, but would look even better with a row of stainless steel planters along the wall at the right of the picture, perhaps as a screen, or perhaps just to add some colour with zingy bougainvillea or other tropical beauties.

Of course these are just a few of the opportunities for using metal planters, especially coloured metal planters and stainless steel planters, to add to great design ideas.  Do get in touch to let us know how you use yours – we’d love to see pictures of our metal planters in use.


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