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Add More Glamour to A Luxury Hotel

For most of us, the whole idea of heading off to a trendy five star or boutique hotel is to be pampered and spoiled. That means spending the weekend – or longer if we’re lucky – nestling in the lap of luxury and enjoying our surroundings.

We want our hotel to be an inspiring yet restful oasis in our in normal rather hectic lives. One way to introduce tranquillity into an environment is provide plenty of greenery and living elements in the form of planters.

Whether these planters contain vivacious bushes, colourful plants or even sand and smooth pebbles, they give us something restful to look at, an alternative to the busy porter running around with cases and the harassed couple at reception trying to change rooms.

Hotels are a business. They’re there to make money and provide rooms and services for people. Businesses as a rule aren’t relaxing environments. Beautifully designed and coloured planters don’t just provide a pleasant image for the guest to look at, they also soften the rather business-like wooden reception desk and tiled foyer.

Colourful planters in neon shades don’t just add sparkle and brightness to a rather bland foyer and reception area, they can also give it a modern feel, especially if the planters are filled with more unusual plant specimens such as bamboo shoots, single orchids or tropical plants. Conversely gold painted or antique bronze planters can enhance a traditional, solid English feel.

They can also be used to hide a rather shabby wall or empty corner. Identical planters grouped together often produce an ‘arty’ feel and act as a large display in their own right. They’re also often used to help create a natural flow from one area of the hotel to the next eg from the lobby through to the hotel’s bar and lounge area.

Cubed planters are also an excellent means of dividing areas eg restaurant areas are occasionally separated from the main foyer by a row of closely sitting planters which prevent access to tables other than through the dedicated restaurant entrance.
Another plus of using galvanized steel planters in a hotel lobby or lift entrance area is that unlike other ornamental means of enhancing an area such as employing the use of sculptures or even an indoor fountain, planters can add to the environment by adding a scent from the flowers and shrubs they hold.

Exterior Planters

A very classic – and classy – look is to have identical planters containing sculptured box plants lining a path to the entranceway of the hotel (rather than corded ropes on brass poles). Replicated glossy black planters in particular will not only enhance and highlight the entrance way of the hotel, they’ll also guide the guests directly to reception.

Another favourite location for planters is by the swimming pool where they can add an almost tropical element and break up the monotony of grey stone and water.

For advice and help on decorating your luxury or boutique hotel with galvanized steel planters please contact us at Precious Design.


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