About Us

Precious Design is proud to be a British designer and manufacturer of high quality pots, planters and home and garden decor.  Based in Nottingham, England, our emphasis is on providing our customer with an attractive modern design, manufactured from the best quality metals and fabricated to achieve a robust, long lasting and attractive product.

Precious Design was conceived from a long established sheet metal engineering business (JK Design & Manufacture) that supplies a wide range of markets with sheet steel components and fabrications. The Company has a loyal existing customer base that is confident that it will receive excellent quality and service – this has resulted in year on year growth.

Precious Design’s products are designed and manufactured in-house and we take huge pride in maintaining our high reputation in the marketplace. We strive to constantly update our portfolio, designing new shapes and sourcing new materials, and if you have a desire to adorn your garden or corporate environment with something unique, then we’d be delighted to work with you to achieve your goal.

We don’t pretend to be gardening experts nor can we sell you plants, sheds or shrubs, but what we do is concentrate on doing what we do well – work with metals!

Registered in England No. 08239192

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