Our Core Values

As manufacturers and suppliers of high quality garden planters, we’re passionate about the products that we market. The foundation of Precious Design began in the summer of 2012, when looking for good quality and durable garden planters. We all know that the market is abundant with a wide variety of pots that vary in price, material and quality. Some are cost effective and other’s not. Our British weather requires something rather sturdy if you expect more than a year’s life from your planter.
We purchased some expensive steel planters, which turned out to be mass produced, poor quality planters with badly joined seams – and an idea was born. We merged our expertise in steel fabrication with our love of gardening, and created the first Precious Design planters and have grown ever since.
We craft each garden planter with our core values in mind; each order, big or small, is given the same care and attention. Our team of experts is simply an e-mail away; we’re more than happy to answer any queries and will always aim to accommodate any individual needs you may have. We hope you’ll be truly delighted with your planter and proud to display it in your garden.

Our core values inspire us to be better today than we were yesterday:


+ Honesty


+ Enthusiasm


+ A focus on perfection


+ Reliability


+ Satisfying our customers by going that extra mile


+ To grow – a life without growth is stagnant and boring!